Monday, March 31, 2008

Important Meditation to share with buddies - Forgiveness Meditation

Forgiveness Meditation
Sit in a comfortable seated position and let your body calm and breathe its self.
We may wish that certain people in our lives would change, that they would perhaps apologize for something they said or did, or that they would do something to make it right.
In truth, it doesn’t really matter whether they respond – or how – for we are the ones who hold the key to healing the situation. For even if they DID apologize or correct their actions, we would still have to be willing to FORGIVE them.
So….we no longer wait for others to be responsible for creating the peace that we want to experience in our own hearts. We begin the process by releasing our expectations for others’ behavior. We extend compassion t them, as we would want compassion extended to us. As the Golden Rule states, “In everything do unto others as you would have them do unto you….”
So take a few moments now to practice forgiveness. Choose now one person in your life that has wronged your or caused you pain – someone to forgive. It might even be your self.
Allow yourself now to fully & completely accept them where and as they are.
Affirm to yourself: “As I forgive others, I experience greater peace within myself.”
Experience now the peace that comes with forgiveness.

Contributed by Mary Oppermann —Yoga Hmmm Teacher

Dr. Muhammad Ayub
Olympia, Washington.

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